Footwear Technical Corner Ltd., is a Consultant company for Footwear and Handbags. 

Located in Hong Kong, operates in Italy, China and other Asian countries and as well in European nations since 1999. 

​Our goal is to help our clients successfully to producing their footwear and/or handbags.

With a professional team and many years of experience in the footwear and handbags industry covering all the areas from: Design, Research, Trend Analysis, Product Development, Production, QA. and QC., Warehouse Management, Manufacturer Management and more. 


  • Identifying the problems of the company

  • Study and prepare strategic plans to reduce risks.

  • Excellent at communicating with clients.

  • Understanding and responsive to customer needs.

  • Upfront about our abilities and deadlines.

  • Able to delivery excellent work on time, every time.   

Our services are customized for each client request. We take time to understand your needs, working closely with each of our clients and successfully bring our client product in their marketplace.


Fashion Design and Market Trend Research
A study and research of the product design and market direction. Based on client footwear and fashion style, sales direction, sales location, retail placement, customer statistical research and develop, campaigns, internet social network connections to increase awareness and popularity and consumer interest in your product, etc. 


From our client styles guide direction, we research from national and international annual fashion show fairs, color mood-boards, design pattern, sources of new materials, directing to a final freehand sketching concept collection. Specialized in all aspects of footwear as well handbags and leather goods, we create new custom design for each client request, etc.

Product Development

From shoes last, out-sole blue print, insole and components with a network of factories, tanneries, material and accessory suppliers in China and Italy specializing in their own field and at various price points to suite your specific projects, we are able to provide you a very detailed and on time product development, material technical test in international authorized test companies as Intertek, TÜV, Satra, etc.


Production Management,
Focusing on the most important section of the whole footwear work is about quality and delivery time. Is about managing the schedule of production. We have created very efficiency and effectiveness strategy and implement already for years in many manufacturer's production program, focusing on quality and delivery time. We manage and delivered the goods to customer on time and with requested quality or even higher. From management training to the product QA. to production QC. We operate daily with the manufacturer management and checking each part from the customer confirmation samples to the whole production process as, Q.C. of all the footwear materials, production preparation, pre-production trials, Q.C. inspection on each department such as; cutting, stitching, assembling, finishing, packing to warehouse.
Program and design production line layout, production time-motion analysis. Production management training for each department and staff training management, etc.

Wholesale and Retail

Collaborate with client to define and agree upon the fiscal plan and budget, associated margins, account development and range plans, advise on distribution, sale strategy, Internet platform, national and international trade shows, proper stock lists, payment terms, logistics management, etc.




Footwear Technical Corner Ltd., is owned by Mr. Omar Facchini, Swiss born Italian, and started his own footwear career in 1985 in Schuhfabrik Elgg AG, Switzerland as Production Technician on good-year construction and Last Creator and received two diplomas. 1990 he moves to Italy in the Veneto province, where he went to a Design and Development school in “Riviera dal Brenta” in Stra' and receive two diplomas as designer and development. In the same year in 1989 he opens a workshop in Italy as a custom hand made shoes, in Conegliano (TV). He started to collaborate with private orthopedics clinics in the area and he customized spacial shoes and foot beds for clients with feet problems.
In 1994 he changed company as a footwear consultant and had good opportunities to collaborate for companies as; United Colors of Benetton, Alpinestars and Diadora. He steps in the footwear industry and brought him to different countries in Europe, East Europe, Asia, USA and South America.
In the year 1999 he opens the Shortcut Asia Ltd., company in Hong Kong where he is still continue the business. He collaborate with International clients as; Geox, Sergio Rossi, Chanel, Bally, Nine West, Calvin Klein and many others world wide. 
“It's always a great and wonderful experience to collaborate with companies and see them succeed by making a better product for the final customer.”




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